100% automatic diesel generator set

This is currently the most popular generator set abroad, which can automatically control the start and stop of the generator set

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ATS structure and purpose The unit is designed with an advanced control system, using a dedicated program controller, which can automatically start the unit and put it into operation to supply power when the mains loses power, lacks a phase, or undervoltage. When a failure occurs, The sound and light alarm device will automatically alarm and memorize the fault point. At the same time, it can automatically unload and stop to ensure the safety of the unit. The control panel adopts a full Chinese fluorescent display screen and a soft touch switch, which has the characteristics of good hand feeling, clear display and reliable operation. At the same time, it is also possible to design a control panel for the automatic grid connection of two or more units for the user. The programmable controller PLC is used as the main control unit, and the variable pulse width and variable pulse interval software is used to design the speed regulation, so that the regulation process is very fast, accurate and stable. , stable and reliable performance.No.1 Manual control panel (standard configuration of the unit) Provides the basic start/stop function of the unit, and has the following basic configuration and functions: 1. Start/stop controller 2. Three-phase AC ammeter 3. Voltmeter and selector switch 4. Frequency meter/water temperature meter/oil pressure meter/time table/battery voltage meter 5. Emergency stop button 6. Alarm function: overspeed, high water temperature 7. Low oil pressure, charging failure 8. Protection function: low oil pressure, high water temperature, overspeed, emergency stop and other preset protections.No.2 Self-starting control panel without mains power (loss of voltage) In addition to the standard manual control panel functions and configurations, the control panel also has an additional remote control interface. 1. Auto/stop/manual function selection 2. Start delay relay (3-5 seconds, adjustable) 3. Stop delay relay (0-270 seconds, adjustable) 4. 3 times self-starting time relay 5. Mains charger 6. Increased alarm indication: low/overspeed, output voltage failure, start failure, high water level pre-alarm, emergency stop 7. Increased protection functions: low/overspeed, startup failure, output voltage failure (overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent) No.3 Fully automatic remote monitoring control panel 1. The LCD screen displays the operating steps, status, faults and parameters of the unit 2. With RS232 or 485 interface, remote control, telemetry, remote signaling functions 3. Unit protection, automatic shutdown and alarm in the following situations: Failure to start, overspeed, low speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure, no signal from the speed sensor, charging failure, etc. No. 4 Automatic Load Switching Screen (ATS) 1. Four-pole mechanical/electrical interlock switch; 2. Mains, power generation, load status indicators; 3. Automatic and manual selection switch; 4. The screen body has been pickled, phosphated and sprayed; 5. Reserve enough charging room to facilitate input and output cables; 6. Automatic switching time, no more than 7 seconds (adjustable). No. 5 Unattended, independent fully self-starting control panel No. 6 Parallel control panel1. Manual/semi-automatic/automatic two or more parallel machine function; 2. Multiple units are connected in parallel to form a power grid, and the power supply is more reliable; 3. Centralized scheduling and automatic load distribution can make maintenance and repair more convenient; 4. More economical. It can be put into the unit according to the actual load requirements, saving fuel; 5. Future expansion is more flexible. According to the needs of development, equipment can be added at any time to meet the increased load. At the request of users, we can provide an independent control cabinet with integrated self-starting control function and automatic load switching function, which is easy to operate and suitable for centralized control of electrical equipment.

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