Mobile Trailer + Silent + Rainproof Diesel Generator Set

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1. The series of mobile diesel generating set power stations have a variety of structures and functions, including hand-push, three-wheel, four-wheel, automobile power stations, trailer power stations, mobile low-noise power stations, mobile container power stations, electric engineering vehicles, etc. 2. The excitation system of the generator can make the frequency fluctuation recover quickly when the unit is loaded at any moment. 3. Remarkable low noise performance, generator noise limit 75dB (A) (1m away from the unit). 4. The overall design of the unit is compact, small in size, novel and beautiful in shape. 5. Multi-layer shielding impedance mismatch sound insulation cover. 6. High-efficiency noise-reducing multi-channel air intake and exhaust, air intake and exhaust channels, to ensure sufficient power performance of the unit. 7. The special quick-open cover plate is convenient for maintenance.1. Traction: It adopts movable hook, 360° turntable, and flexible steering to ensure safety during driving. 2. Braking: At the same time, it has a reliable air brake interface and a hand brake system to ensure safety during driving. 3. Support: In order to ensure the stability of the power supply vehicle during operation, it is equipped with 4 mechanical or hydraulic support devices. 4. Doors and windows: There are ventilation windows at the front, and doors that open at the rear, and there are doors on both sides for operators to enter and exit. 5. Lighting: There is a ceiling explosion-proof lamp in the carriage, and a workbench on the right side with a workbench lamp, which is convenient for the staff to operate. 6. Sound proof: The trunk and doors of the power supply vehicle are all decorated with double layers, and are equipped with sound-absorbing panels to silence the noise; the exhaust pipe is wrapped with thermal insulation cotton, and the minimum noise can be controlled within 75dB(A). 7. The size of the carriage: the size of the carriage is determined according to the size of the specification, and the operator can walk around, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. 8. The exterior is beautiful: the paint is made of polymer polyurethane paint, and the color can be customized by the owner. The exhaust pipe adopts the lower exhaust to ensure the appearance.1. The warranty period of our company's products is one year or 1000 hours of use (whichever comes first). During the warranty period, the products are guaranteed by three guarantees, and a return visit is provided once a year. 2. Our company responds within 1 hour of receiving the notice, conducts telephone guidance to troubleshoot, and arrives at the scene to repair and solve the problem within 24 hours. 3. Perennial supply of spare parts at the original price; 4. Our company visits users every year to understand the usage of the product and help solve various situations that may be encountered during use.

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